Friday, November 26, 2010

Mural #1

There are six murals high on the east and west walls in the main hall of the Railway Station.  Two of the murals are shown here.  To properly show the beauty of the murals, these photographs have been post-processed on Photoshop to remove the "keystoning" (crooked, convergent) effect of the murals due to the angle from which the photographs were taken.

The six murals were painted to depict the way of life in Malaya from an earlier age:

  • Villagers plucking coconuts from coconut trees
  • Workers in a mine
  • Workers in a rubber plantation (shown here)
  • Workers in a rice field
  • Villagers transporting goods with tools such as a bullock cart (shown next)
  • Workers in a port, with a modern ship and some sailboats and Chinese junks in the background

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